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People involved in fitness because I want to be beautiful and healthy. And not only in the result but in the process of doing exercises. The latter contributes a very comfortable outfit.

A type of sportswear served as underwear. In the 70-ies of the last century in Germany were first fans of Jogging in city parks. The most acceptable (from the point of view of convenience or to public morality) clothing was wool knitted underpants and Spodnja shirt. However, painted in a darker color. After the first world war tracksuit acquired some charm: narrow sweater with collared Golf and a wide flannelette bloomers

began to sheathe decorative elements in the form of stripes and emblems.

But the bathing suit, by contrast, has evolved from complex to simple. Lush dress, especially made for swimming, gradually (and very slowly) shortened, decreased the number of frills and ruffles. In the early twentieth century was some sort of scandal with Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman, who appeared in public in a bathing suit, revealing. hips.

Today, a healthy lifestyle can make a more beautiful and comfortable. The creators of sportswear, naturally, does not remain aloof from the main fashion trends. Especially notable fashion trends in clothing for predominantly “female” occupations – fitness, aerobics. Range of such clothing (and accessories) are very broad – swimwear, tops, leggings, headbands, wristbands, socks. For those wishing to seriously correct shape – belt and slimming shorts, suits sauna.

Clothing for aerobics – special: she needs to breathe, absorb moisture. The stitches in her flat, linen, and constructed it so that nothing touched the skin during movement. Binding elastic fabrics: they not only emphasize slender figures but also provide muscle support, reducing the risk of sprains.

Now fashion are combined two popular styles – the underwear (when the clothes simulates underwear) and the so-called male somewhat aggressive. Strongly influenced and urban youth fashion: fitness a few years ago there was wide trousers with low waist and patch pockets. However, a hit still cropped narrow trousers, leggings or shorts. Gradually recede into the past leotard – swimwear high waist. Still popular tops, especially with a blind cutout for the neck and shoulder. For clothes last seasons characterized by a large number of slits, perforations, asymmetrical cut, hoods. Quite unexpectedly, classic aerobics dress appeared, and then the skirt with the smell. Fashionable things can be seen in the collections of the major manufacturers of sports clothing – Adidas, Nike. Advocates of high technology, the supporters of functionality and convenience are the Italian company Benetton Sportsystem, the American company Columbia, North Face, French Eider and ELLE, and others. For collections of these firms are characterized by asceticism lines and asymmetric details.

Total attention to the ecology of affected sportswear – today seduce her simple silhouettes and close to natural materials. “Environmental” suit for aerobics should be soft and comfortable, as easy, unobtrusive colors. Preferred kits, not individual things. The leader of the naturalistic trend in sportswear can be called a Finnish company Rukka. At the head of the world production of clothing for swimming – Swiss firm Arena Speedo and English. Speedo is known for revolutionary developments in the technology of fabrics and cut – in the conservative design models (wide webbing, often closed back, zipper). All models are computer-based tests, as they have not only the most tightly fitting shape, but perfect to slide into the water. Arena follows the latest fashion trends: underline silhouette, traditional undercut in models without bones, flirt and cups, contrasting trim.

So, you have to make two choices: first, to choose the type of aerobic exercise and, secondly, the corresponding clothes. If you want to lose weight quickly and always be in good shape, you can do dance aerobics from Jane Fonda. This workout at a fast pace, with the active work of the hands and body, complex movements of the legs. The most acceptable clothing for aerobics experts believe loose or tight long pants and top or a shirt. To warm up, and after class, you can throw comfortable jacket with zipper. Many collection for classic aerobics offer models where you can appear anywhere – on a walk, and in a nightclub. For example, Carushka (USA) offers stylish t-shirts and trousers, imitating reptile skin, or original, emphasizing the femininity of the tops in the Spanish spirit. The composition of the fabric (Coolmax and nylon) makes clothes suitable for the most intensive training. If your goal is prevention of arthritis and osteoporosis or intense fat burning – should refer to step aerobics. It was invented 10 years ago, a famous fitness instructor gin Miller. It’s dance classes, which use a special platform with adjustable height. The intensity of the load can be increased by using light dumbbells or ankle weights on. Load for one session identical to the one that takes care of 80 of times lifting (run!) on the 16 th floor. The step aerobics superbly improves the shape of drumsticks, thighs, and buttocks. The ideal garment to practice it – short shorts, leggings or 3/4 knee length, top (good supporting breast) or unitard – fashionable elastic jumpsuit with narrow shorts.

Aqua aerobics – exercise for overweight and shy, as well as for expectant mothers and fans of water. Water creates more resistance and thus does not injure the joints and muscles (by the way, after training in the water they never get sick). The lessons included exercises on flexibility and stretching, running and walking, jumps, spins, dance moves. For Aqua aerobics need a comfortable bathing suit, cap, and special equipment – fins, plates, hoops, weights for wrists and ankles. Physically fit people can try the pump power aerobics with mini-bar weighing 2 to 20 kg. Here, instead of elements of dance – various presses, bending and kneeling. The best clothes – wide leg pants with tie belt and top. These tastefully-aggressive collection of cotton is, for example, the American firm Marika. Another option was thin leggings and a short t-shirt or a small top. The most interesting models camouflage colors from Carushka. (In similar clothing will definitely feel the energy of the soldier Jane.) Those who want to strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, muscles (especially inner and outer thighs) and joints, it is recommended that slide. It exercises on the sliding Board having two sides, resembling the movements of a skater, skier or skater. Clothing should be stretchy. The preferred leggings and a shirt, unitard or short leggings and a leotard. The sneakers you wear special socks (this is common among climbers) from durable Kevlar material with antimicrobial impregnation.

Yoga-aerobics, perhaps, the most fashionable in the West is now a lifestyle. It combines static and dynamic postures-asanas, breathing exercises. Clothing for this kind of aerobics is a convenient, pleasant to the touch, neutral colors: loose pants or shorts and top. Shown cotton fabric – soft, soft, fluffy (e.g., Terry). The great travelers wishing to strengthen the muscles of the arms, legs, buttocks and abdomen, is spinning (indoor Cycling Reebok) – newest style aerobic activity. This is a fun, dynamic exercise bike-fitness equipment, combined with viewing the video. Displayed road (climb or descent) determines the intensity of the loads. Clothing style: short stretchy leggings, tops, form-fitting jacket. Special collections have ELLE, Nike and others. Those who want to engage the whole family, it may be advisable resistive-bol. This fun aerobics using big colorful beach balls helps develop coordination, correct posture, strengthen the heart and blood vessels. To do a resist with a ball in tight clothes, well taking moisture: narrow trousers of any length, t-shirts and shirts. But most importantly – and class sessions, and sports clothes should fit you and please you. What do you prefer? Choose. Help for the buyer, leading a healthy lifestyle Material Characteristics Effect Supplex 100% nylon fiber, feels like cotton. Provides active ventilation: absorbs moisture from the body surface and takes her outside. Coolmax Material with 4-channel fibers Dakron. Good support for muscles, hygroscopic – fully-dries in half an hour. Cotton/Lycra Blend of natural cotton (88%) with elastomeric fiber from DuPont (12%). Helps support muscles during sports activities, reduces the risk of sprains. D. I. W. O.-layer material: microfiber and cotton with lycra. Allows you to keep the skin dry in any physical activity. The body temperature remains constant, so there is no risk of overcooling. Tactel filet micro Fabric made of polyamide: very soft, durable, able to greatly stretch. Prevents blowing and wet. Tactel filet HT the Most durable material, the easiest of all polyamide fabrics does Not get wet Meryl Microfibre-based polyamide fibers. Feels like silk. Absorbs moisture from the body surface and takes her outside. It dries Very thin Sensitive (2 times thinner than conventional polyamide fabrics) a polyamide material. “second skin”. Extremely elastic. Resistant to chlorine, so indispensable in the pools. Amicor*plus Fabric from acrylic (100%), with antibacterial treatment Prevents odors

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People involved in fitness because I want to be beautiful and healthy. And not only in the result but in the process of doing exercises. The latter contributes a very comfortable outfit.