Chinese gymnastics zigun

In our publications about the Chinese gymnastics and health practices of different types, we decided to start with the basics – breathing exercises. This is one of the fundamentals of harmony, longevity and a healthy lifestyle. And one of the foundations of success of Chinese ancient and modern medicine and such global economic projects, such as the Chinese society and the Chinese economy.

From the beginning on the website Zdravo-Bravo was said about the importance in our lives proper breathing. And then, finally, you, our dear readers, start to receive valuable information about practices breathing exercises qigong. And other health technologies.

We already told you about qigong in General and its tracks, now begin to print preparatory articles, more specific information about Chinese medicine. and specific information about the practical exercises from the field of how the movement and breathing exercises. In order not too often be repeated in the words,we introduce to you the term “tens of Hz”, “tens of Hz”, or “DC,” which would mean “breathing exercises qigong”, or simply “breathing exercises”.

Are pleased to offer you the first materials of a series of practical articles on qigong. They relate to the practice of breathing and movement exercises that can change our lives and health for the better. Able to prolong our lives, and to give the opportunity to reach her during the most remarkable results – of course, in accordance with other components, capabilities, and circumstances.

In the next preparatory articles about qigong we will tell you:

what is DG from qigong and that it can give you.

What you need to practice.

Where and when to engage tens of Hz.

What are the rules of self and in General any practice qigong.

How to prepare for the practice of breathing qigong, and how to do it.

How to approach the exercises from the breathing exercises qigong.

How to avoid in qigong errors that are in it are called “deviations”.

How and why some are called concepts and forms of breathing exercises qigong.

How to use a wonderful exercise that combines the ancient art of qigong, yoga and Indian.

How to get from breathing exercises qigong and yoga the best results without great effort and at low cost.

Examples of salutary exercise for the treatment of various common diseases.

How to have time to do these exercises in any situation – well, nearly any setting. Including in a public place or at work.

So that was attractive list. All the items of this list will be worked out in detail, briefly, and without unnecessary information. So you will be able to scroll through all these articles up and down, paying attention to any facts that you need. Also you can look for the questions and the answers to the questions in our articles on search on the website.

I hope you’ve already thought of a pleasant looking, where you are sure that you correctly read the information and get extraordinary results. Well, probably it’s time. And I hope that you feel the confidence that meta sing correctly the principle of Wu-Wei, or “the Principle of Water”, master obtaining infinite energy from Nothing, and become women and men who are tired, tense with pleasure, and not get sick. Of course, if you do not want to be ill.

What is qigong as producing material for our life

Breathing exercises – energy from one day to the longevity and confidence for you, your offspring and others. Yes, even to others – because the energy tends to spread in space. It’s not a myth, and qi, the provision of which develops in the Chinese practice exercises, and helps those who are close to you. They can also start to feel. And the events around you can begin to develop more actively, and they will begin to manifest more positive creativity.

All these are consequences of the allocation and development in the man the cosmic energy Qi. The power which, as already proved by scientists, can be released, to multiply, controls processes in creative, cognitive, physical and other activity. Also, Qi is the basis for good health, longevity, and development of their special abilities.

Qi also heals wounds, and cures most diseases. More precisely, according to the theoretical setting of the ancient medicine of China, results and postulates which almost completely confirmed, Qi can cure all. This in itself is a cosmic building material. The main thing – will we be able to properly and fairly direct this energy where there have been some violations.

We will tell you more about finding yourself in space and Qi, about feeling it, the development of a creative feeling of the energy charge. The accumulation of energy and mastery of the practice direction on different objects and processes, and proper use.Now we offer you the first article on the opportunities and rules of breathing exercises. You will then be able to use different techniques, and to combine breathing, movement and static gymnastics with relaxation, and work with the cosmic energy Qi.

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