Endurance training, breathing while running

debce2[1]Many have heard about the energy ( in Chinese QI. Japanese — KI. Vietnamese — KHI. in India — Prana ) and its role in human life. Every day we are fed by the energy of th air, food and this energy gives us immunity and the ability to live and work. If a person has little power or it’s dirty, he was often sick. Much everywhere is written about the training of endurance, but no one focuses when you can and what are the consequences.

Endurance training is divided into two stages of aerobic and anaerobic .

Consider anaerobic because aerobic exercise, tend to ignore or just don’t know. In simple words anaerobic training is when little oxygen (classes), the ragged rhythm of practice, loads are constantly changing, great mental stress, fatigue, ‘t understand, can’tget it). Heart rate above 150 beats per minute. This type of training for endurance training is necessary, but should be considered a necessary human condition for anaerobic training, is good health, good condition of the muscles, tissues, organs, a large amount of energy (KHI). During anaerobic exercise energy the body takes from the internal organs. After such trainings need to restore the body within three days. For young growing bodies — this is normal, though you should pay attention on the health. For an adult (after 25 years), unless he has good health and does not have sufficient amount of energy, this practice is fraught with the development of fatigue, decreased immunity (as a consequence immediately the disease), and loss of vital energy (prenatal khi).

There are two simple methods for training of correct breathing . enhance immune system and replenish the body’s energy. In the future, these methods can be used as the first stage of endurance training, i.e. aerobic exercise.

First — is running . If you want to run in the winter start with autumn, winter should not start, then it is better to start with spring. What you should know and consider when running .

· The time. Best time (will immediately see the result) is from 3 to 5 o’clock in the morning, for the lazy can with 5 to 9 hours after 9. 00 I do not recommend to run (it is necessary to consider the amendments at the time in Ukraine right it’s winter time and summer rushes forward one hour). We take energy from the air, play the leading role in the lungs. With 3-5 hours most active Meridian is a channel of light and not feel the tension heart. At this time (especially spring, summer) the air enriched with ozone, the ozone in the splitting allocates a huge amount of energy.

· The intensity of running . Select the intensity of the runs such that if you while running, talking, you would appear shortness of breath.

· The tip of the tongue touches the palate, closable channel of conception and management, thereby helping to move energy. A slight tingling or tingling on the tip of your tongue is an indicator of the movement of khi.

· Breath . You’ve probably heard about the upper, middle and lower abdominal breathing . We are interested in abdominal breathing . i.e. embryonic. So breathe children and this is the main form of breathing for the accumulation of khi. Even if you will breathe differently, the activity of a Meridian – channel light will allow you to accumulate khi, but not in that quantity. We will breathe when doing “khi – Kong” that will allow you to maximize the effect. When doing “khi — Kong” 70% of the air we breathe in through the nose and 30% of the air through the mouth. Exhale: 30% through the mouth 70% through the nose. Breathing technique while running: three steps inhale through the nose, at the fourth step is to inhale through the mouth, then one step out through your mouth and four steps out the nose. You can breathe only through the nose: on step 4 inhale and step 4 exhale. This is one of the methods in the training of breathing . breath is equal to the exhalation. Other methods while running would be difficult to use. Any training breathing — it is the basic tool to improve and strengthen the immunity . Important: to get the result, breathing exercise should be done at least 30 mint!

endurance training

· The duration. You should start with 15 minutes of running and bring it to 30 minutes or more.

· After running . Preferably the first 30 minutes not to go to the toilet and not drink. Take a shower after dry yourselves off (spot the energy is released Duong, it is necessary that it soaks ago) and only warm or hot.

Running an hour or more, this will be an aerobic endurance training. I also started with running and now run 20 years, almost every morning for 20 km over rough terrain. Remember the time (3 -5, 5-9), and breathing .

The second is a float. With 3 to 5 not get to swim because the pool is open from 6.00. Swimming is an ideal condition for aerobic endurance exercise and breathing training. At one stroke breath for two stroke exhale into the water, the effect is as if the full yogic breath.

Running and swimming, with the right approach, allow you to develop endurance, save energy, boost immunity — it’s easy and available. Winter is coming, here’s a way to raise the immune system . Pollen, 5 to 7 grains per teaspoon of honey there in the morning. It can be taken in the event that if you are not allergic to honey and its products.

Your health is in your hands!

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