How to choose running shoes

krossovki-dlja-bega-300x195[1]What do you do to stay in this life healthy, fit and alert? I’m here for 10 years already lead a healthy lifestyle, which includes right diet and regular sports training: running, aerobics, Hiking, Cycling. However, to think that I’m perfectly healthy, it would be wrong. I have chronic sprain of the ankle and some back problems and all because at the beginning of its active “sporting life” I little thought of what footwear to choose on store shelves. Yes, Yes, Yes! Trying to bring the maximum benefit to your body, I gave him a lot of problems due to wrong selection of running shoes.

I don’t want people that stand in the way of a healthy lifestyle, sacrificed his body because of ignorance of the elementary rules of equipment. Therefore discussed in today’s article will focus on the correct selection of sneakers for different physical activity.

So, first you have to get out of my head thoughts about brands and tips “professional” in the form of a third-rate consultant shop with shoes. To buy shoes with the thought: “these are the same Adidas, Nike and Reebok, which are so widely advertised!” is possible only in one case – if you need a durable, versatile sneakers for picnics, walks with the kids or playing badminton with friends. If your goal – a certain kind of training, no advice: “Oh, you know, that this model is the perfect take!” – will not help you. Running shoes for running, walking, fitness and basketball significantly differ and are chosen only by individual fitting.

Secondly, remember – no tents on the market, sales in malls and online auctions. To buy sports shoes can only be found in specialized sports stores Sportmaster . Intersport or in the official boutiques of famous sports brands Adidas . Reebok . It’s not even paid for the high-quality counterfeit $ 100 (although, of course, too), and hopelessly ruined spine and ankle. If you are from the category “unbelievers FOM”, it is possible to independently check the shoes before buying it, by following some simple techniques.

How to determine the quality of the sneaker :

Sneakers must be clean (no glue) and sweepecoimi (if from a couple of smells like a Shoe shop, you better watch something else).

Bend the sneaker in hand, if a bend of the sole falls on the second third or half the length, so sneakers will bring only harm. The fact that the natural bend of the foot – the first third of its length, why do you need to exert extra effort to bend the Shoe in the place where it is not bent?

Press on the heel of the sneaker, most of the models MUST be equipped with a fixed heel, which under no condition no dents inside.

As you know, the soles of sneakers patterned design, therefore, imitation “layer cake” – the first call that the sneakers are fake.

The insole is easily removable from the Shoe to dry. Many manufacturers equip their products with two types of insoles glued and removable.

For intensive sports training it is not advisable to buy shoes with Velcro instead of laces.

To measure sneakers only need to sock in which you will engage.

When fitting leg must be easy to enter into a sneaker without the use of improvised means in the form of a spoon. Shake nezashorennym crossbeam, it needs enough to confidently stand on the leg.

At the cashier take only a couple that tried.

Running shoes for different type of sports training:

Let’s start with a small – VERSATILE shoes that are suitable for short workouts, walks, Cycling and picnics. Typically, these sneakers are not supplied with a high leg, but endowed with a shock-absorbing cushion under the heel and pillowtop insole with cushion. The top sneakers for physical education runs from ventilated mesh material, the tread is shallow, which contributes to a comfortable grip with a rough road.

RUNNING SHOES . The choice of model for this sport better be taken seriously. The fact that this Shoe should be practically invisible on the leg (easy), but to have a thick sole with air cushion under the heel and toe. The heel area must be higher than the toe, the soles should EASILY bend during the first third of its length. The height of the sneaker does not exceed the ankle protector is quite a relief to bond with asphalt or dirt road. The upper part should be ventilated, but waterproof – fit mesh lining in combination with artificial leather.

SHOES FOR HIKING . If you prefer Hiking (not walking), then you need special running shoes with high ankle boot, securely locking the ankle. The top of running shoes should be made of soft fabric, lacing rings (to prevent getting wet), stitched the soles are made from rubberized material with sufficiently deep embossed surface and rubber insert overlay on the nose of the Shoe. All of the above elements will help to keep the foot from injuries that occur while traveling on unstable ground – gravel, stones – and on different type of terrain – meadow, asphalt, hilly landscape.

SNEAKERS FOR SHAPING AND AEROBICS . Activity aerobic workouts in the gym: interval training, step aerobics, dance classes – require special shoes. Aerobics shoes should be high, light and shock absorbing. High top sneakers with fixation of ankle will prevent dislocation, lungs – will allow you to perform movements without feeling fatigue in the legs, and the required attenuation under the heel and toe will protect against injury… knees (most of the movements in aerobics, especially step – drums, which subsequently can affect pain in the patella). The toe of the Shoe should be wider than the heel, so that you can easily climb on socks. Another requirement is – rubber sole with a SMALL, desirable “striped” of tread. This will help not to lose grip on the parquet and laminate flooring, fixing the leg even on a wet floor.

SHOES FOR TENNIS . Running shoes with a high heel, but open ankles, the special protector for the court, tightly clasping the leg and have considerable weight. The rear part must be extremely hard to not allow the heel to slide back when snatching movements.

SNEAKERS FOR BASKETBALL AND VOLLEYBALL must have rubber soles to avoid slipping on the floor of the hall and gel cushioning. The difference between them lies in the material of the top. For important basketball leather upper in a high ankle, he needs to keep his feet during sudden movements, and for volleyball – lightweight running shoes for jumping hard, like tennis, back.

So if you decided to change your life, start changing her shoes. And this will help you in gift certificates from stores Sportmaster . Intersport . Reebok

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