Morning exercise for weight loss

utrennya-zaradka-dla-pohudenia[1]The main advantages of morning exercise for weight loss are as follows:

morning exercise promote health and allow you to maintain excellent physical shape due to the adjustment and stabilization of weight;

daily charging increases the level of metabolic processes in the body and improves skin tone;

morning exercise for weight loss – for the lazy it: simple movements strengthen the back muscles, abdominals, arms, legs and help you maintain your weight at an acceptable level;

regular morning fitness ensures healthy sleep;

scientists have proved that the morning physical activity increases the level of mental abilities;

morning exercise good cheer, optimistic charges and promotes the production of endorphins – hormones of happiness.

The main thing is to start practicing, and soon you will appreciate the result of good morning exercise for weight loss.

The complex effective exercises for morning exercises

Exercise # 1.

Turn my head turn left and right, after make rotational movements of the head in a clockwise direction and in the opposite direction.

This exercise warms up stiff muscles of the neck and improves the supply of oxygen to the brain.

Exercise # 2.

Make a rotational movement with the straight arms – each in turn and together.

This exercise will tone the muscles of the shoulder girdle and hands.

Exercise # 3.

From the supine position take turns sit-UPS body (twisting) and rises straight legs. Make sure that the lower back constantly remained firmly pressed to the floor.

This exercise is great considering the upper and lower abdominal muscles.

Exercise # 4.

Take a deep squat without lifting your heels off the floor. Stay tuned to spin during exercise was straight, and abdominal muscles tense.

This exercise evenly trains the glutes and all the muscles of the legs.

Each exercise to make three sets of 20-25 repetitions . This morning exercise combined with a proper balanced diet will help you become slim and attractive.

The morning exercises for weight loss best way to lose weight and change your body for the better. To achieve maximum results, follow these tips:

Morning workout for weight loss – a complex variety of exercises 1. Morning exercise should be regular and systematic: go every morning around the same time . the optimal duration of charging for losing weight at home in 15 – 30 minutes.

2. Every week dilute the complex new regular exercises and gradually increase the load of the body tends to get used to everything and adapt. At the same time, remember, morning exercise should be gentle and not tedious.

3. If you pause between exercises, may they be minimal – no more than one minute.

4. Choose comfortable clothes for exercise, better if it’s from light natural materials. The main thing is that you be comfortable and convenient.

5. If possible and weather – go on the balcony. If this is not possible, be sure to ventilate the room in which you plan to do, before proceeding to the exercises.

6. Do morning exercise on an empty stomach, Breakfast an hour and a half after the workout.

The habit of early waking up and implementation of effective charging for losing weight will improve your body and help you become more organized and disciplined. Morning fitness exercises for weight loss – a great opportunity to correct shape and radically change their way of life.

Morning exercise for weight loss

Morning exercises will help you lose weight without significant physical effort

Mandatory if morning exercise for weight loss? No, if you accumulate physical activity is required without it. In reality, not all people are eager to sweat in the morning, some closer good old trip to the gym after work.

This individual must know and adapt your training in accordance with the body’s own capabilities .

In the same variety of articles, often written that morning exercise is the best thing you can do for losing weight simply because the “morning workout speeds up the metabolism”. Then there is the usual substitution of concepts.

Charging is really the best choice if:

morning chipper as a Sparrow, and really ready to train, and not lying on the Mat, slowly waving his lower limbs;

are you getting enough sleep, and often Wake up themselves, and not by the alarm clock;

you have problems with the planning of the day, and if you don’t exercise, physical exercise in the morning, you do not work out;

you are substituting workout routine restorative exercises. The most difficult criterion. In Soviet textbooks on mass physical culture was even such a recommendation – morning exercises should be done every day, but gymnastics. zadeystvuya all the muscles of the body, in addition to her 2-3 times a week. Translated into modern, your morning exercise should be light, and should not replace regular exercise.

But what if the other workouts you have no time and desire? If there are no contraindications, you can conduct a full fitness class in the morning. Just don’t forget the warm-up, and don’t put “weightlifting records” and you will be able to train in the morning.

What to some sacred sequence of exercises for weight loss”, so it does not exist in nature. Charging? So the goal is to stretch all joints and a bit loading of the muscle . Training? So according to the plan, without discount for the time of day.

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Today my story is about the morning exercises. Imagine, you dream that you are sitting on the shore of the azure sea, sand and sun I. suddenly, all messed up, the damn alarm clock. It's morning, time to get up, but still want to wallow. How to Wake up? This will help you charge.
People involved in fitness because I want to be beautiful and healthy. And not only in the result but in the process of doing exercises. The latter contributes a very comfortable outfit.