Get ready for summer how to lose weight effortlessly

98670004_IahFIWXJTbU[1]Balanced diet — the first step to a beautiful figure and health. Keep a food diary, writing down what you eat or drink during the day. If you feel boring to write the names of food and drinks in the notebook, download the app to your smartphone, which not only remembers what and when you eat, but will consider calories. Among these: “calorie Calculator”, “noco calories”, My food diary, diet Diary”, Lifesum, and others.

And most importantly, remember that no chemical reaction in the body cannot happen without water. Metabolism in this respect no exception, so as to maintain it in a constant state of activity, you needto drink enough water. The calculation of consumption – 40ml per 1 kg of body weight per day. Half the liquid should come for drinks and the other half with food.

Remember that hydrate the body with all the drinks, as they 85-99% water. But don’t forget to monitor the amount of sugar in them – carbohydrates are necessary, but in reasonable amounts.

The sugar content in some drinks:

Freshly squeezed grape juice – 17 g/100ml;

The mango nectar – 14.5 g/100ml;

Nectar banana – 12g/100ml;

Nectar cherry – 12g/100ml;

Drinks like Cola – 11g/100ml;

Orange juice – 10.5 g/100ml;

Tomato juice – 4-5g/100ml.

And, of course, watch the quality of what you eat or drink. And for this, always read the labels and composition before you go to the cash register with one or another food product in the supermarket.

Professor K. I. eller (fsbi research Institute of Nutrition RAMS) advises: “read the label data on the composition of the product. Manufacturer always inform about all the ingredients, in particular, on the availability of fragrances and dyes. A classic example of safe natural dyes is a popular caramel color E or sugar color used in soft drinks such as Cola or Baikal, in the manufacture of confectionery, Breakfast cereals and other products”.

“Common media “horror story” is the appearance on the label the words “preservative”. These are safe in the concentrations applicable substances (benzoic, sorbic acid) dramatically inhibit microbiological spoilage, increase shelf life and reduce the risk of food poisoning. Can I do without them? It is possible, but the requirements to the level of sanitation and hygiene at all stages of production. As a rule, no preservatives cost major manufacturers of soft drinks, investing heavily in modern equipment,” explains eller.

Oh, sport, you strength!

But diet isn’t everything. It must necessarily be supplemented by regular physical activity. Even a simple set of exercises will help you burn a couple extra calories and strengthen muscles, which lose tone if you often missed workout in the gym in the winter.

Start small — make a journal, buy a yoga Mat and dumbbells 1-2 kg (average $ 600 rubles). Record each day the number of exercises you do on certain areas of the body (for example, 5 minutes of exercises, 5 minutes of work with dumbbells, 5 minutes stretching).

It is recommended to completely fill in the resulting deficit of body fluids during exercise. The level of losses can be set by weighing before/after exercise; focus on average — an hour workout of moderate intensity in the aerobic mode, people lose about 1 liter of fluid through sweat.

The best option is to enroll in a gym or pool. Of course, individual lessons with the coach is important, but can hit your wallet. Therefore, make together your training plan for the next month and return to your instructor at the end of the month— he’ll see the progress and give advice on how to continue to train in the next month. Also a great option would be group classes, the choice of which note the level of training and orientation — aerobic exercise will help you lose weight, and Pilates or yoga to bring the muscles and develop flexibility.

A great replacement to the gym can be a frequent, but short runs (3-4 times a week for 20-30 minutes). The main thing — to purchase running shoes and find a place to practice. To run is not on asphalt, and on the ground or the stadium with rubberized coating — so your joints and muscles will gradually get used to the load and you will be able to avoid injuries. If you are not a big fan of running, prefer any other types of physical activity — skating on a longboard or a skateboard, roller skates, bike. And remember that exercise intensity should increase gradually. and to do little and often is better than once a week, but to exhaustion.

These simple tips (and correct healthy diet, maintaining a proper level of fluid in the body as well as the regular, but not heavy workouts will help you for a couple of months to bring the body into a right and safe to go out in a bathing suit on the beach and in a mini-skirt for a walk!

98670004_IahFIWXJTbU[1]Balanced diet — the first step to a beautiful figure and health. Keep a food diary, writing down what you eat or drink during the day. If you feel boring to write the names of food and drinks in the notebook, download the app to your smartphone, which not only remembers...
705[1]How useful yoga? Yoga charge for tranquility and balance. As a result of these classes, you will learn to breathe correctly and relax the muscles of the body. During the execution of asanas should take deep breaths.
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