The benefits of swimming breaststroke, backstroke, swimming pool for children

2012-10-25_143921[1]Swimming – is not a prerogative of athletes. It is considered an excellent therapeutic and prophylactic agent. They are useful not only for athletes or lovers of free sailing, but also to people burdened by cardiovascular disease. the owner of a broken metabolism, those who have back problems .

Workout in the pool begins with a warm-up that includes effective set of exercises that are performed on the “land”. People who cannot

swim slowly, gradually taught to float, conducting training in the paddling pool. Then help to master the technique of sliding on the back and chest.

However, it is not always swimming benefits. For example, if you swim crawl or Dolphin style, you can trigger the progression of spinal curvature. Therefore, classes of therapeutic swimming accompanied by strict medical control, through which exercise can bring no harm . and significant benefits.

Thorough clinical examinations, anthropometric measurements, x-ray observations, the doctor develops a rational treatment, prevention and rehabilitation techniques to promote recovery of the curved spine. Swimming breaststroke – an excellent way to struggle with a curved spine.

If children spine with total unilateral or curvature, they are advised to swim on their sides with weak performing hand jobs. In right hand curvature it is necessary to float on the right side and breaststroke . in left-hand – on the left side.

When swimming breaststroke . unlike corrective gymnastics, spine is not subjected to pressure, the absolute opposite happens unloading of a damaged spinal column, which is very important for its correct and painless correction.

In addition, for children, doctors recommend daily massage sessions. complexes therapeutic exercise, to ensure sleep on a hard bed, and more. Regular classes at the blue pool lanes, proper conduct in daily life, home and school, gives excellent results.

Observations show that regular fitness classes to allow water to improve health . after all the swimmers there is an increase in the volume of the chest, strengthening the muscular system, formed a great muscular system. They become slimmer, their gait is noticeably improving, and movements are gaining agility and flexibility.

In addition, the undoubted benefits of swimming breaststroke for pregnant women, because in this case the ligaments of the abdomen and spine are able to relax. While the muscles of the legs and, of course, perineum, acquire elasticity and become strong, which leads to easier childbirth. Men breaststroke useful in prostatitis.

Patients experiencing serious problems in the back area, doctors often strongly recommend swimming “diving” breaststroke. In this swimming technique, the person is lowered into the water, which contributes to the stretching of the spine, however, he does not buckle too much.

It should be noted that when the fitness on the water, there is profuse sweating (unlike grueling workouts at the gym). When swimming, people almost do not sweat. But at the same time achieve superior results that significantly improve health.

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