Beautiful figure and a healthy body – it’s easy!

People suffering from excess weight, in spite of its modesty or any of the complexes may not say that he has a problem, but looking in the mirror, every time he gets upset and feels depressed. A large number of people believe that they are unable to cope with the excess weight and to ask for help do not want for any reason. Many experts say that weight can to win the sport, but they do not think how hard, and very often not safe to start losing weight with sport. Putting yourself in the shoes of the person having

problem with weight, you can say one thing “the main thing is to have the desire to lose weight and then do it!”

Many magazines write, “how to lose weight in a few days at breakneck pounds!”, what is possible is true in many cases, but believe it people will be able only when being tested by any of the methods of losing weight for yourself, but it is importantnot to harm your health.

How to cope with the extra weight?

So the question is most people. To start, you should decide whether you really want to lose weight and if you can stand the diet, then you need to clearly set a goal for how many kg you want to lose weight.

A guarantee of beauty and weight – loss is primarily balanced diet. But that would eat right, you have to significantly change their taste preferences.

For people who are ready and really want to lose weight offered two completely different diets. The first diet based on the diet of salads and vegetables, it will allow you to lose 10 kg in a month, the second diet is based on the treatment of cereals, faster, it will allow you to achieve the result minus 10 kg during the week. Both diet consists of healthy and affordable set of products that you can buy in the supermarket.

How to lose 10 kg in a month?

Diet number 1

Vegetarian diet: salads and vegetables

For the month vegetable diet you will lose weight at 10 kg, because every day you will consume only 800 calories.

The essence of the diet is that twice a day you should eat a whopper. Each serving contains 200 calories, therefore, the day is about 400 calories. The rest of the remaining 400 calories you can consume from other foods.

The diet offers you a seven kinds of salads and a special marinade for them. Each of the salads you can eat in any order:

Salad No. 1


MYOB fennel 300 g;

Beetroot 200 g

Method of preparation: MYOB dill differently, it is also called – fennel want to finely chop, and the chop tops. Boil beetroot grate and add the dill.

Salad No. 2


Field salad 100g;

Radish 200g;

Onion 1 piece.

Leeks 1 bunch.

Method of preparation: all the ingredients should wash. Lettuce, onion and leek slice, radish cut into slices and mix it all together.

Salad No. 3


Carrots 300g;

Kohlrabi 300g;

Watercress 300g.

Method of preparation: clean the cauliflower, chop the carrots, add the leaves of watercress and season with marinade.

Salad No. 4


Mushrooms 200g;

Spinach 500g;

Lemon juice 1 tsp..

Method of preparation: mushrooms cut into cubes and add to them the lemon juice, that they were white. Stir, add the spinach and season with all the marinade.

Salad No. 5


Chicory 300g;

Orange 1 PC.

Method of preparation: chicory chop, orange cut into small slices, mix well and season with marinade.

Salad No. 6


Pickled cabbage 200g;

The Apple-1 PC.;

Watercress 200g.

Method of preparation: chop the cabbage, Apple cut into cubes with the skin on, and add the leaves of watercress.

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