Yoga – how to do at home

705[1]How useful yoga?

Yoga charge for tranquility and balance. As a result of these classes, you will learn to breathe correctly and relax the muscles of the body. During the execution of asanas should take deep breaths. This increases the oxygen content in the blood and makes your condition more peaceful.

Yoga classes are a great tool for balance training and balance. After a month of daily practice you will feel that I can stand on one leg without support.

Yoga classes involve a great variety. Choosing yoga as a daily exercise, you will not be bored. After accumulating some experience, you will be able to perform a variety of asanas in yoga which a few thousand. In addition, yoga is quite simple to complicate the exercise and increase the load. The same asana can be done on easy, medium and advanced level.

Despite its static and slow paced, yoga significantly strengthens the muscles of the whole body. Daily doing asanas, you will work not only large, but also most of the small muscles of the body.

Doing yoga, you will definitely increase the flexibility of your body. Many believe that if there is no innate flexibility, yoga is hard. Daily yoga — and you will notice that your body has become more free and easy.

How to do yoga?

The most correct way is to begin to practice yoga with a professional instructor. Take a few lessons, which will teach you to correctly align the body during the execution of asanas. In addition, the instructor can choose an individual set of exercises that you will do later at home.

If you are unable to attend you can find instructional videos on the Internet. In any case, perform asanas without much tension in the muscles. Remember, standing in asana, you should be able to breathe calmly. If you can’t breathe – you probably incorrectly performed the asana.

The majority of experts believes that the best time to practice yoga is early morning. At this time the body is still not included in the daily bustle, and yoga classes will be more productive. However, if your schedule does not allow you to do yoga in the morning, you can allocate different time of day. The main thing is that you will not be bothered and you could without hassle to perform all the asanas.

Are ideal daily sessions of about one hour. This mode will allow you to achieve a desired result and maintain it afterwards. However, if you allocate time for daily yoga does not work, then exercise at least three times a week.

The place for yoga should be quiet, warm and clean. It is desirable that it was a single room and was able to close the door. Select to practice comfortable cotton clothes that you will feel comfortable and will not freeze.

As musical accompaniment during yoga, you can include meditative music or mantras.

How to start yoga?

The complex of exercises of yoga Surya Namaskar (greeting to the sun”) can perform even a novice. It consists of 12 exercises and can be done at any time of the day. During the first few sessions you can run it 1-2 times and then increase the number of repetitions until the desired quantity.

Among other simple yoga exercises for beginners can be distinguished:

The mountain pose

Bending forward from a standing position

The pose of a rider

Bending forward from a sitting position

Head to knee

Posture on 4 supports.

Many asanas in yoga look easy, and it seems like they don’t train the muscles. However, it is misleading understanding. When done correctly, the asanas, the effect of it will not take long.

Who can practice yoga?

Yoga can be practiced by people of any age and physique, as there is almost no dynamics and all the exercises are static. Taking simple precautions, you will be able to learn how to perform the asanas safely and with maximum benefit for your body. Of course, yoga can and a young mother. Quite the baby can be comfortably placed nearby, and he would be happy to see your beautiful poses. An older child will be able to try out yoga exercises along with you. Children have much more flexibility, unlike adults. In addition, on the Internet you can find simple and easy yoga exercises for children.

Baby Mama yoga can be particularly helpful. They will help to increase the muscle mass in the body and will allow you to remain calm in any situation.

When yoga cannot be done?

For yoga, there are some contraindications. Yoga should be postponed if:

You have a fever above 37 degrees

You just ate

You are in a state of stress and severe physical fatigue

You are going to go to bed

You have exacerbation of chronic diseases

With your visit to the baths went 3-5 hours

You started menstrual flow ( not worth doing the first two days)

Starting any new business, is not afraid of difficulties and to be careful. If you chose to yoga – just avoid undue stress and stretching. Perform all asanas within their personal comfort. Daily practice is what will allow you and muscle strengthening, and flexibility to increase.

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705[1]How useful yoga? Yoga charge for tranquility and balance. As a result of these classes, you will learn to breathe correctly and relax the muscles of the body. During the execution of asanas should take deep breaths.
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