Morning exercise.

6d5340[1]Morning exercise. First, do no harm!

Morning exercises should give vivacity and good mood for the whole day. However, to achieve such an effect should follow some important principles.

Make a set for myself

First of all, it is not necessary to repeat common mistakes and confused morning exercises and intense physical training . Experts do not recommend

heavy exercise in the morning. Even running adults are advised to postpone until the evening hours.

The second principle follows from the first. In complex morning exercises should include exercises for flexibility and mobility, and a set of breathing exercises. This will allow the body to quickly deal with the inevitable after sleep intoxication, to intensify all the processes of life, speed up metabolism, lymph and blood flow. In the morning of any exercises to develop strength and endurance, better to forget.

The third principle – with specificeski a set of requirements to the technique of exercise . To start the morning exercises is possible even in bed – smooth pulling, alternating tension and contraction. However, any sudden motion of the complex to eliminate. Fast motion on “cold” the muscles and ligaments can hurt.

The latter determines the requirement for the morning exercises – it’s the lack of any signs of fatigue after its execution . If after charging you feel tired, it means that the exercises should be changed.

It is best t o morning exercises are suitable:

exercises for stretching,

complexes of General developmental movements

different types and pace of the walk,

exercises for development of flexibility,

breathing exercises,

light jumps and dance moves.

Consider biorhythms

Also specialists in physical therapy is recommended for the preparation of complexes of exercises for the morning charging and determining the type and intensity of exercise to take into account the biorhythms of the body. The period of peak activity allot of people are morning types (“larks”), people and day-type (“pigeons”) and people evening type (“owls”).

The “lark” the peak of maximum activity is in the morning, and because morning exercise can include exercise with a heavier load than the “pigeons” and “owls”. “a typical early riser” also recommend exercises in the fresh air and elements hardening. In optimal charging for a “lark” you can even include some strength exercises or Jogging.

“Owls” recommended minimum morning load. Typical “owls” picture – is fatigue and lethargy in the mornings. Therefore, exercise should be a light workout that will help the body to Wake up and enter into a working rhythm. By the way, “owls” can start charging with smooth pulling in bed. Jumping, running, and strength exercises should be excluded.

“Pigeons” . occupying an intermediate position between distinct morning and evening type, in the preparation of complexes of exercises are recommended to focus on your own health. A great option is considered to be a compilation of two or three complexes of varying intensity.

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Today my story is about the morning exercises. Imagine, you dream that you are sitting on the shore of the azure sea, sand and sun I. suddenly, all messed up, the damn alarm clock. It's morning, time to get up, but still want to wallow. How to Wake up? This will help you charge.
People involved in fitness because I want to be beautiful and healthy. And not only in the result but in the process of doing exercises. The latter contributes a very comfortable outfit.