The concept of physical activity

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The concept of “physical activity” shows the obvious fact that any of the exercises connected with the transition energy of the body functioning at a higher than at rest, level.


If you take the amount of energy in the supine position “1”, then a slow

walk at a speed of 3 km/h will increase the metabolism in 3 times, and running with acropetally speed and similar exercises in 10 and more times.

Thus, the exercise requires a higher, relative to its rest position power consumption. The difference that occurs in energy consumption between the state of motor activity (e.g. walking, running) and the rest refers to the physical load .

More accessible, but less accurately you can judge the size of physical activity on indicators of heart rate (HR), the frequency and depth of breathing, minute and stroke volume of the heart, blood pressure, etc.


PHYSICAL activity is physical activity of man, which is accompanied by increased relative to the rest condition, the level of functioning of the organism.

Distinguish between external and internal load-side :

· To an external load side are the intensity with which you exercise, its scope.

The intensity of physical activity characterizes the strength of the effects of specific exercises on the human body. One measure of the intensity of the exercise is the density of the impact series of exercises. So, in less than time be made a certain series of exercises, the higher the density of the impact will be load.


When you perform the same exercises in different classes at different times, the total load density will be different.

Summary measure of intensity of physical activity are the energy costs to run per unit of time (measured in calories per minute).


A) when walking without weight at a speed of 2 km/h is burned to 1.2 kcal/min, at a speed of 7 km/h is already a 5.4 kcal/min;

B) when running at a speed of 9 km/h burned to 8.1 kcal/min, at a speed of 16 km/h is already 14.3 kcal/min;

B) in the process of swimming is burned 11 kcal/min.

Load volume is determined by the indicators: the duration of exercise, repetitions, and total number of exercises in a specific part of the lesson, as a whole lesson or series of lessons.

The load in a round-Robin exercise is defined in units of length and time: for example, cross at a distance of 10 miles or swimming a duration of 30 min.

In the strength training load volume is determined by the number of repetitions and total weight lifted weights.

In jumping, throwing – the number of repetitions.

In sports, the martial arts – the total time of physical activity.

· The inner side of the load is determined by the functional changes that occur in the body due to the influence of external parties load (intensity, volume, etc.).

Same load on the body of different people has a different impact. Moreover, even the same person depending on your level of fitness, emotional state, environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, humidity and air pressure, wind) will respond differently to the same external parameters of the load. In everyday practice, the magnitude of the internal loads can be measured in terms of fatigue . as well as the nature and duration of recovery in the intervals of rest between exercises. This is done using the following indicators:

– indicators of heart rate during exercise and rest intervals;

the intensity of sweating;

– skin color;

– the quality of execution of movements;

– the ability to concentrate;

– overall health;

– psycho-emotional state;

– willingness to continue the lesson.

Depending on the degree of manifestation of these indicators distinguish moderate, large, and maximum load.

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