The influence of exercise on the body and strengthening health

It is known that regular physical activity and sports practice many organs and systems of the human body, which, of course, improves health and improves health.

The movement is a very important component of health. It stimulates many processes in the body. Child couldn’t grow into a full adult human if he did not commit such a huge amount of different movements.

In our body contains about 65% of liters of liquid, and it must be continuously circulated, so that the cells received all necessary materials, and waste is removed. The liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and intestines must be healthy and clean in time to eliminate the toxins.

The multiple increase circulation of fluids in the bodycontributes to the movement: running, walking, exercise. When we move, our muscles contract, the liquid is extruded into the blood stream, and venous blood moves to the heart.

Thanks to increased blood circulation and respiration, are emitted from the body the toxins of fatigue, resulting in the impact on human performance.

The simplest and most affordable means acceptable to all people regardless of age, is walking. It must be pretty intense to get a small sweat. The circulation of fluid and breathing effectively removes toxins from the body fatigue, revitalizes the extracellular environment. When walking occurs rhythmic pressure fecal and food masses in the intestinal wall, causing their excitation and contraction, which promotes proper bowel habits.

Also while walking all the internal organs (liver, kidneys, gallbladder, urinary bladder, pancreas) are washed by the blood and well saturated with energy. For this reason, after walking man feels good. Walking is necessary for normal work of the intervertebral discs, connective tissue and ligaments.

Even greater impact on the body has a normal running. Thanks to the increased blood flow increases the amount of energy toxins are removed, blood washed the whole body. In continuous training of its health effect is amplified several times. A long but slow running perfectly for establishing rhythmic endocrine and nervous systems.

Try to run at least 30 minutes, and you’ll feel the euphoria that occurs thanks to the hard work of the pituitary gland and triggers the release of endorphins. The action of hormones bliss lasts for 30-60 minutes after running.

Produced during physical exercise, the adrenal hormones have a beneficial effect on the heart. People who have a low heart rate, is better able to control their emotions and an increase in adrenaline not harm the body, as occurs in people who don’t move at all.

As with long-term (45 min) Jogging pulse rate to 120-130 beats per minute, the pressure increases up to 180-200, but when the load obtained at the expense of expansion of peripheral blood vessels, begins decrease blood pressure to 130 for 15 min. If you and so low, running is also able to normalize it.

Running is especially effective in hypotension and hypertension, strokes, dystonia, coronary heart disease, osteochondrosis, rheumatism, gastric ulcer, insufficiency of the mitral heart valve. Also running exercise slow down the ageing process, normalize the activity of the Central nervous system, strengthen the immune system and help fight excessive consumption of food.

If we talk about aerobics that combines endurance exercise, flexibility, strength and coordination, the influence of musical rhythm makes training more fun, so the load is almost not felt.

The positive influence of exercise on the body and promoting human health is undeniable. Because the exercises in turn affect different muscle groups, blood, cleanses the whole body. Due to heightened blood flow faster to restore injured muscles and ligaments.

Long-term training with weights helps produce endorphins, restoring health and increasing energy. Another kind of exercise random muscle tension without external movement. These physical exercises also have a great effect on the body and human development.

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