What cardio machine is best to buy for the house

How to combine health care, the desire to be beautiful, constant lack of time, lack of exercise and a strict budget? Let’s not reinvent the wheel: many have solved this problem through the purchase of cardio equipment. This type of simulator is created, primarily, to train the cardiovascular and respiratory system (hence the common name of this type of simulators). It improves health, allows you to lose weight or simply stay in shape, without wasting time to go to gyms.

Of course, the purchase of cardio equipment requires a serious approach. Below we will discuss various types of cardio equipment on several parameters that are particularly important when it is selected for the house is:

• The effect of training. Information about which muscle group is developing a simulator, which givespower to the load. Because all of the cardio equipment is, by definition, strengthens the body, train the cardiovascular system and respiration. Therefore, the “pumping” of the muscles is secondary. But it is, and every kind of exercise equipment gives your external effect.

• Contraindications. Is it possible to work with this model for you, and what precautions must be observed. Without consulting a doctor you cannot start training for patients with cardiovascular diseases, asthma, diabetes, people with problems of the spine and joints, various injuries, high blood pressure. During a disease (even mild colds), and exacerbation of chronic diseases to train and should not be. This General contraindications for all trainers, but each type has its own characteristics.

• The ratio of price and quality. Almost any type of cardio equipment you can buy for the sum to 20 thousand rubles, but in most cases (Steppers do not count) for this price is hidden poor quality, uncomfortable, poorly functioning simulator. You can find good options, but you need to be very careful, demanding and even picky, inspect every unit, every detail and just try buying by yourself right in the store. Really solid, reliable and completely functional simulators are offered in a wide price range of 20 to 300 thousand rubles, depending on the species. Sky-high prices at 500-800 thousand will not discuss such mega-trainers are found not in every room, and we are looking for a “home” option.

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• The effect. The load on the muscles of the legs, abdomen, back. Running is a great exercise for training the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

• Contraindications. Worth discussing with your doctor whether you can go Jogging on the track, even if your disease does not seem to be so serious (might need a special mode). Strictly contraindicated running suffering from bronchial asthma with frequent attacks, mitral stenosis, angina with pulmonary heart disease or high blood pressure, heart diseases. In the list of contraindications and includes many forms of back pain, so it is with dysfunction of the joints.

• Price. Treadmills are not included in the category of cheap trainers. Only in Chinese stores (and stores selling cheap Chinese products) you can find an offer of approximately 20 thousand rubles, but the quality of these models is poor. Maintenance in case of breakdown, as a rule, available only to residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, and down this purchase goes pretty quickly. In the range from 20 to 40 thousand roubles it will be quite simple, with only two or three angles (athletes need much more), fairly narrow (not fit a person with high growth), less resistant than more expensive models. It is best to get an electric model (mechanical, without the guidance of a coach, you can get a nasty knee injury). Only 40 Tr or more you can get a really good treadmill, having the opportunity to choose from several models.

• To buy. This site has a great selection of treadmills (including budget).


• The effect. Increases stamina, strengthens the muscles of the legs and the press. Large load upright bike gives. Horizontal spares your back and joints.

• Contraindications. Exercise bikes are not suitable for patients with acute cardiac disease, angina, asthma, tachycardia, diabetes, thrombophlebitis. High blood pressure you should consult with a doctor before training. Upright bike will not fit, overweight people, people with diseases of the spine, joints and cardiovascular system. For them, the load received by the spine and joints, when using this type of exercise bike is unnecessary and even dangerous. But lying down or reclining in a chair horizontal simulator, they may train (sure to get evidence of a treating physician). In General, horizontal exerciser becomes the ideal option for most people who are prohibited from heavy loads.

• Price. It takes you less than 20 thousand rubles, you can buy a simple mechanical upright bike. But it is better to pay a little more, buying a magnetic trainer, which will have several programs and good functionality. Do not forget that the very cheapest model can respond, for example, the horizontal offset of the axis when driving fast or imminent failure. So do not try to find the cheapest bike and be sure to be picky about its quality.

Prices on horizontal exercise bikes start from about 50 thousand. On this simulator You will entertain and train at the same time, though, the external effect will not be so noticeable, the emphasis will be on strengthening the heart and respiration. Well, if You are serious, and not ready to splurge, feel free to purchase a vertical model for Cycling that allows you to practice and sitting, and standing. So, and to work on different muscle groups on different programs.

• To buy. Here you will find a good selection of exercise bikes.


• The effect. Working on the stepper, it’s like you walkin down the endless stairs. Accordingly, the muscles of the legs and buttocks are very active. So their “pumping” is added to a tonic effect. For slender legs engaged on it (mostly girls), stepper was nicknamed the “female” of the simulator. In addition to leg muscles load and gets press.

• Contraindications. Diseases of spine and joints, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. People with cardiovascular disease medical advice is needed.

• Price. The stepper is the cheapest trainer, and very compact, this is the cause of the increasingly frequent appearance of Steppers in apartments. Most of the models is less than 20 thousand rubles. It is likely that you will find them at your nearest sporting goods store. The main thing when choosing is to verify the reliability of the mechanism and the convenience of pedals simulator for you personally. But if you want more convenience (handhold) and flexibility in the settings and programs that look closely the Steppers from 20 thousand. Look for a model with good shock absorption, protecting your joints.

Elliptical trainer (elliptical trainer)

• The effect. A new type of exercise equipment. Treadmill + bike + stepper with all the consequences. When training at such a simulator work almost all the muscles of the legs, buttocks, thighs. A little less of the hands, chest, back (thanks to the movable arms).

• Contraindications. Of heart disease, thrombophlebitis, severe diabetes, chronic diseases of the joints.

• Price. Cheap elliptical trainer you can buy for the price of 30 thousand rubles. Of course, he will be stripped of almost all sensors, and the programs it will be small. This elliptical trainer, you need to choose for maximum fault-finding. When choosing, it makes sense to focus on the leading manufacturers. Also have a cheap elliptical trainer will likely be a short running start levers and pedals can quickly be damaged. Also, often, the cheap models refuses clutch mechanism, thus requires expensive repairs.

Above the threshold of 30 thousand appear more robust models, and a lot of them. Therefore it is better to focus your choice on the price. But you need to understand that too many programs are normally not used in-home trainings. So for them the maximum amount possible not to chase. Enough 12-15. Although it depends on your personal preference.

• To buy. Here you will find a good selection of Ellipticals at premimum prices.

Rowing machine

• The effect. The only cardio machine with serious power load. Develops good muscle arms and back.

• Contraindications. Cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the spine, joints, and any disease precluding heavy loads. Be sure to consult with a doctor before training for this kind of equipment.

• Price. Mechanical rowing machine can be purchased for the price of 12 thousand. Much more it will cost to e, with automatic adjustment without stopping the workout. Electronic rowing machine can be bought at the price of 25 thousand.

• To buy . On this site you will be able to buy a rowing machine.

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