Physical activity after CABG rehabilitation, forms and methods of physical therapy

Any heart surgery, including coronary artery bypass, must be accompanied by a rehabilitation period, which will enhance the outcome and support the body in proper shape. Otherwise all the doctors ‘ efforts may be in vain.

Also important, and the period after the passage of the rehabilitation that requires patient adherence to the rules of the diet, a special diet and a specific program of physical activity, the goal being to maintain

muscle tissue in good shape.

The essence of rehabilitation

The whole process of rehabilitation after CABG may take three to five months and contain a whole individual complexes of events. Such complexes include the preparation of an individualized plan for a particular person with all the characteristicsof the organism. Also provides for regular physical exercises with clear allocation of specific parts of the body and the entire body.

The whole process is based on several basic principles, which include:

a systematic increase in the load according to the specially developed the lesson plan outlining a series of light exercise;

complete elimination of alcohol and Smoking cessation;

adjustment of the daily food ration, including a full or partial waiver of any fatty foods;

activities to address excess Vesta through a special diet designed by nutritionists and endocrinologists;

constant monitoring of General health and monitoring cholesterol levels throughout life.

the complex is gradually increasing and strictly dosed physical exercises on the individual scheme.

Postoperative measures

In most cases, mandatory measures given after surgery are:

Suture removal in a timely manner;

The need for at least one month to wear special compression stockings that are used to restore blood circulation in the lower body and substantially reduce the appearance of puffiness;

Slight physical exertion even in the day of a scheduled operation, which is implemented in the form of a set of sit-UPS and breathing exercises;

In the process of restoring the body, gradually connect therapeutic physical culture (physical therapy) in the form of special equipment. We also introduce a load event in the form of swimming exercise, light Jogging and Hiking in the fresh air with breathing exercises.

Noticed that exercise therapy during the rehabilitation period, not only has a positive effect on the body by mobilizing resources, but also significantly raises the psychological and emotional state of the patient.

In some clinics, this process of connecting the individual through counseling sessions. With increasing loads, by a continuous health monitoring with the assistance of qualified specialists in different fields and modern medical equipment.

After the initial rehabilitation period, one and a half or two months, there is a special stress tests, where the body is exposed to short-term high physical loads and estimated the extent of his reaction.

Physical therapy — the forms and methods

Physiotherapy (physical therapy) is a special complex of physical exercises, which aims to restore normal physical form of the body and is held against breathing properly set. In many medical institutions, such activities are conducted under the guidance and supervision of the attending physician or instructor.

Therapeutic exercises for men after coronary artery bypass grafting is conventionally divided into two main types that run constantly. Such species include:

hygienic gymnastics;

therapeutic exercises.

Hygienic gymnastics is conducted in the morning regardless of the location of the patient. This may be the building of the medical centre or your own apartment. Is exercises for 10-20 minutes after sleep and preferably outdoors. These procedures are designed to normalize the functioning of the heart and circulatory system, improves metabolism and has a tonic effect on the whole body. The order of exercises and loads depend on the physical condition of the patient and the period after CABG surgery.

Physical therapy is aimed at strengthening all body systems and is designed to solve a concrete problem to the patient. Such exercises have clearly defined the degree of stress on specific parts of the body and use the simulators.

Methods of conducting physical therapy can be divided into:




Individual classes in most cases are those patients who are in the early stages of the rehabilitation period is limited to the ability to move or need a special program for various reasons.

Group classes are conducted already in the later stages when the body is strong enough and can move on to the General physical exercises.

Also in the ad hoc group to gather those people in the specifics of exercises which included work on a specific problem, not solved at the General practice according to the standard method.

Advisory techniques are used already in a late stage immediately before discharge of the patient. At these sessions with instructors individually and teach man the physical exercise that it needs regularly run on their own, and are aimed at solving his personal problems.

The distribution of physical activity

All the exercises on physical activity are conventionally divided into three main parts:




In the introductory part usually takes approximately 10-15% of the time. They are made to gradually the body to prepare for future loads, otherwise, a drastic exercise can lead to muscle strain. The introductory part mainly consists of breathing exercises and gentle exercise without the use of load on the muscles and circulatory system.

The main part is about 70-80% of the total time and aimed at solving specific tasks. At this stage are utilized power load with the use of simulators. All exercises are conducted in observance of correct breathing.

The final part of the classes are held at the end and takes about 10% of the time. At this stage there is a gradual decrease in load and exercises to relax the body. The main ones are breathing exercises and walking, then the monitoring of the condition of each patient in the form of measuring the pressure and breathing rate.

Also all maintenance activities can be divided into active and passive. When the active sessions, all the exercises are conducted by the patients themselves using their own strength. Passive treatments, exercises are made using special machines or instructor.

It is important to remember that regular physical education classes are an integral part of human health. The successful recovery of quality of life after CABG surgery is impossible without the dosed physical loads.

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