How to quit Smoking

About the dangers of Smoking media shout. doctors and even politicians, but, alas, this is not always enough to understand the need to break that habit. Sometimes dependent from nicotine takes years to get up the guts to try and get rid of this burden. And then the question arises: how to quit Smoking?

Ways of quitting Smoking

There are several ways of quitting Smoking:

Tablets, chewing gums, patches with nicotine. Using these tools, reducing the severity of physical dependence. Unfortunately, the psychological dependence is often much stronger and reduces the effectiveness of this method.

Electronic cigarette, by contrast, acts primarily on the psychological dependence on Smoking. It is true as it eliminates the tobacco from the life, but keeps the ritual, which are so accustomed smokers.

Folk remedies aimed to substitute cigarettes various broths and products containing nikotinopodobnye substances. Some smokers say that these productsreduce the number of cigarettes, but not to give up completely.

Acupuncture is based on the impact of needles on points which, in the opinion of specialists (neurologists and drug treatment), are responsible for the addiction in General and Smoking in particular.

When people cannot find a way to quit Smoking, he refers to a specialized clinic, where he can offer coding. It is based on the formation of persistent negative emotions in relation to cigarettes and tobacco smoke. In turn, the encoding can be medicated through folk remedies and hypnosis.

There are no standard rules cast Smoking, to each their own, and therefore a way of getting rid of cigarettes the individual.

The best way to quit Smoking

Actually there is no such way. Dependence is a physical and mental disease that must be fought. To properly quit Smoking will help change lifestyle as possible.

What does it do? In order to displace the existing nicotine stereotype of behavior: leisure – cigarette, break – break, stress half a pack.

In the first place, right when you quit Smoking, you need to get rid of other bad habits, such as snacking on the go, poor quality food and water. The process of Smoking cessation was less traumatic and more enjoyable, it is important to include in your diet as many fruits. To take the latter with you to work (or at any other place), and as soon as there is a desire to smoke a cigarette, you should eat an Apple or a pear. Many make the mistake of replacing a cigarette candy, buns or rolls. This change will result in dramatic weight gain and people will come to the conclusion that it’s all due to a sharp rejection of the nicotine habit.

The second aspect contributing to properly quit Smoking, is sports. This can be anything you like: fitness, gym, Jogging in the evenings or the mornings. Even a casual walk in the fresh air will help you relax.

Also worth considering some of the techniques of herbal medicine. Naturally, the process of quitting Smoking irritates the man, and he becomes irritable, so it is advisable to drink a variety of soothing and relaxing teas. If it helps you to drink a course of tablets or tincture of Valerian and motherwort.

Third, but perhaps most importantly, it’s motivation! Remember the addiction is freedom.

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