exercise and rest as interrelated components of process exercises

Load and rest as interrelated components of the process of exercise: the “external” and “internal” side of the load, volume and intensity as part of the load, recreation

Load – the impact of physical exercise on the human body, causing a strong reaction from its functional systems (V. N. Platonov, 1987).

Load – the number of exercises performed, the time spent on classes and other indicators. The load – response of the body to work.

For most physical exercise in their total load on the body adequately characterized by the following components (V. M. Zatsiorsky, 1966):

Intensity – the magnitude and direction of the impact of physical exercise on the human body (speed, pace). Changes in the intensity of exercise has a direct impact on the work of the functional systems of the organism and the nature of the supply of motor activity. Small oxygen debt, resulting in the beginning of the exercise, when aerobic processes are not yet fully repaid during execution of work, and it occurs in conditions of the true steady state. Such intensity exercise has been called subcritical. At higher intensity exercise the body reaches a state in which energy demand (oxygen demand) will be equal to the maximum aerobic capacity. Such intensity exercise has been called critical. The intensity of exercise above the critical called supercritical (oxygen request significantly exceeds the aerobic capacity of the organism, and the work is carried out mainly by anaerobic energy supply, which is accompanied by accumulation of oxygen debt).

The number of repetitions of exercises determines the degree of their impact on the body.

The duration of rest intervals is of great importance to determine both the magnitude and especially the nature of responses of an organism to the training load.

The duration of the rest intervals should be planned depending on the objectives and methods of training. Scheduling rest breaks, on the basis of subjective feelings involved, its readiness for effective implementation of regular exercises, the possibility of interval method called re.

When planning the duration of rest between repetitions of exercise or different exercises within one class should distinguish between three types of intervals.

1. Full (regular) intervals, guaranteeing by the time the next repetition is almost exactly the recovery, which was before his previous run,

that gives you the opportunity to repeat the work at no additional voltage functions.

2. Tense (incomplete) the intervals at which regular burden falls on the state of some of nedoustanovlennoy. This will not necessarily be a significant change in the external quantitative indicators (for a certain time), but increases the mobilization of physical and mental reserves of the human body.

3. Minimax interval is the smallest interval of rest between exercises, after which there is increased efficiency (supercompensate), occurring under certain conditions, in virtue of the laws of the regenerative processes in the body.

4. Supercompensating. From the beginning of the restoration to the upper point of the period of overreduction.

The nature of rest between individual exercises can be active, passive. When engaged in passive recreation does no work, when the active – pause fills additional activities.

When exercising with a speed close to critical, activities to support the respiratory process at a higher level and eliminates sharp transitions from work to relaxation and back. This makes the load more aerobic

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