Sports how not to hurt yourself

The physical form of each of us is constantly changing and the changes are not always like us. How to achieve good physical shape and not to lose it over the years? This is the main question in this article.

Everyone is more or less familiar with exercise, and each type of stress on the body has its own peculiarities. Even from birth we are not on an equal footing: someone better suited to run, someone – to swimming. Thus, certain abilities allow us to develop your own style of execution of any movement and the adoption of any poses.

Therefore know:

Each body ITS limits.

Almost all people from birth-weak and weak-willed, and therefore can’t cause yourself harm by excessive loads. During the training of the people, reaching a certain point in the practice stops. And despite the fact that such people rarely win sports awards, they correctly relate to your body. Why? The reason is that the other part of future athletes accustom yourself to constantself-conquest and oppression of his own body. This is the path of great achievements, rapid growth and at the same time the inevitable fall.

Remember my story of getting physical activity in my life, or at least a large gap. Watching his physical shape, you will realize that the best shape you have achieved, intensively engaging in a certain sport for a long time. You say, “It’s obvious!” If so, then you should be the obvious fact that if you compress your entire life in 1 year, it is possible to conclude that “average” form you possess and how you will feel in 10 years.


Important not instantaneous load, and constant training.

The body, especially the young, accustomed to any kind of pressure and the only problem is that everyone wants in a short period of time to become significantly stronger, faster, smarter. The solution to this problem that mastery in any field of human activity develops continuously in every second of your life and that you need to correctly dispose of.

In the process of life is much more useful on a daily basis to devote to their physical form 10-15 minutes, rather than a couple of years to go “the rocker”, and then to give it and to receive as a gift a few pounds of fat. Why? The answer lies in our physiology. The body has internal resources and mechanisms to cope with short peak loads. However, he adapts to a common “middle” the background of your fitness, but not to the point where you were stronger than all.

In other words, if after a hypothetical two-hour workout, you went to drink beer, then another full meal the night at home, and the next day you workout no (because You are training 3 times a week), then congratulations – you are stagnating.

Simultaneously, people who daily make a set of exercises, makes a great gift. First, this approach eliminates overload, and secondly, you always have a certain physical shape and know for sure that this form is permanent. Train your body and remember that it gradually gets used to the loads that you set for it.


The time reserved for classes, should be gradually increased.

Any load should be completed and to commence smoothly. You won’t kill yourself if a couple of times abruptly start or finish their studies, But if this approach will move in, watch out. Any systematic effect on the body has a profound effect on him and of course for each of us it is better that the number of strong positive impacts on the body was more negative.


Be healthy, love your body, train him his whole life and live life to the fullest until my last breath!

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