Influence of exercise on organism

One of the most important tasks of sports medicine is to ensure the physical health of persons engaged in physical exercises through the most effective use of own resources of the body and acceleration of regenerative processes after performing muscular work of various power and intensity. At present different methods are used to effectively estimate the solution to the above problems — modern instrumental Express-diagnostics of functional state of organism, pharmacological, physiological tests, enabling to monitor the physical status of individuals involved in sports, etc. Along with them is embedded and specialized products, obtained on the basis of the latest achievements of modern biological science. In our opinion, representative of this group is a highly effective dietary Supplement — “ Panto-len” — ultra-fine powder antler Altai maral ( certificate of state registration of № At 12909 11.06 from 29.11.2006 G. THE 9358-001-7596883-2006). The effect of the drug ’ Ventolin” aimed at mobilizing internal reserves of the body, improve the microcirculation, increase endurance and efficiency, and speeds recovery of physiological functions after performing muscle overload.

As one of the leading physiological systems, which determines the adaptive capacity of the organism, is considered the cardiovascular system, therefore, and it will go about its functional reserve, which contributes to the quality level of the physical condition of the body of persons engaged in physical exercise ( Baevsky R. E., 1979).

The Department ” Physical education” SSMU them. V. I. Razumovsky, together with the LLC ” Corporation “Spectrochemica“ was the approbation of the drug ’ s Ventolin” as a means of enhancing physical performance and level of restoration of the functional state of the organism after physical loads of different power and intensity. The study took place in a training group swim team SSMU. The experiment involved 18 people — all athletes 1st sports category, 6 of them — control group, 12 — the experimental group. Study participants gave written consent to the use of the drug ’ s Ventolin” to 12 weeks at a dosage of 1 capsule 2 times a day.

In terms of the drug the training process aims to develop the physical qualities — endurance. Training took place 3 times a week for 2 hours per day. Subjects performed physical activity — swimming of medium and long distance high intensity ( up to 3000 m per training session).

The methodology of research.

Before and after the experiment was conducted to evaluate the functional state of the organism and the level of physical performance — according to the results of the functional tests ( Martin and orthostatic) control heats 100 m freestyle.

Sample Martin: before performing functional tests were measured blood pressure values ( maximum and minimum), and heart rate. This was followed by 20 sit-UPS in 30 seconds. After the load sat down and surveyed it was determined the pulse within the first 10 seconds, then in the next 30-40 seconds blood pressure. After that was considered pulse until its frequency will be equal to the original value. Then re-measured blood pressure. When assessing functional tests take into account the degree of increase in heart rate and blood pressure ( maximum and minimum) and the degree of recovery.

Orthostatic test ( functional test with change of body position): the subjects after a 3-minute horizontal position societywide heart rate at 1 minute. Then studied calmly gets up, he is considered the pulse:

• immediately after getting up — the transition from horizontal to vertical position in the first 10 seconds;

• after one minute.

Compares the digital values to determine the degree of anxiety and the sympathetic nervous system.

Assessment: normal excitability of the sympathetic nervous system leads to increased heart rate by 15-25% from the initial values; higher numbers indicate increased ( adverse) excitability ( unsatisfactory fitness, illness, etc.). I trained individuals — increases in the range of 8-10% from the initial values.

To assess physical fitness ( as one of the criteria identify the functional reserve of an athlete), we used a load control test — 100 m freestyle.

In the course of the study about the impact of the highly biologically active food additives « Ventolin” of the data obtained about the positive dynamics of the studied indicators of the cardiovascular system in terms of functional tests that show improved adaptation that displays the status of the functional reserve of the organism under study. Evaluation of physical fitness parameters also indicates an increase in fitness under the influence of the drug ’ Ventolin”.

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