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Engaging in leisure activities, people strive to maintain and improve your health, increase efficiency, improve health, get a boost of optimism and good mood. But often, instead of tidal energy and pleasant emotions after a workout man haunted by muscle pain, cramps, feeling of weakness. The main reason for coming to physical exhaustion and accumulation of chronic fatigue is the inability to draw up a workout program. In addition, many lose sight of that for a quick recovery after the load is not less important proper rest.

Why you need a recovery period

During the sport becomes more active metabolism, which leads to an increase in the rate of oxygen consumption and energy, the rise in body temperature. As a result in the muscle tissue there is a deficiency of nutrients, and accumulate oxidized products, lamivudina in the blood and causetoxicity. This enhances the feeling of fatigue, weakness. Of particular significance is lactic acid. in high concentrations causing pain and twitching of individual muscle fibers. To compensate for the infringement, immediately increases the frequency and volume of respiration, blood flow velocity, increased sweating. But for full recovery after a workout the body needs about 3 days.

How you can relax during your workout

To prevent fatigue, to rest the muscles need during exercise. This does not need to stop training. Much better to distribute physical activity by time, place and intensity. Recommended time to change the appearance of sports exercises and alternate load muscle groups to prevent overloading. For example, after a series of deep knee bends to make a range of pan and tilt of the torso. And strength exercises to complete a light jog. It is also proved that active rest is better than passive, helps the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to restore biochemical balance. In practice, this means that you must exercise.

The rules of recovery after sports activities

After the main workout to perform a short hitch. This can be Jogging, stretching exercises of the muscles, swimming.

To do massage and soft kneading overworked muscles. It improves blood circulation in them, relaxes spasm of the muscle fiber. Cells rapidly get consumed oxygen and nutrients.

Already during the class and after it to compensate for the occurred loss of fluid due to evaporation of heat and increased sweating. It is recommended to drink small amounts of clean water.

Sports on a full stomach is not benefiting, as Rob muscles most of the blood and oxygen to the process of digestion. To fill the resulting post-workout energy deficit best 1.5 hours after workout with meals containing protein and slow carbs.

Which helps to recover faster

A warm shower for 10 minutes extends the lumen of blood vessels, helps to excrete accumulated during the workout the harmful toxins, cleanse the pores, improves skin breathing, relaxes muscles. To normalize the tone of blood vessels, prevent headaches and combat fatigue is a useful change of contrast temperature water for 30 seconds, only about 5 minutes.

Sleep at least 6 hours normalizes the balance of biologically active substances in the body. At rest eliminated faster damage of cell membranes of muscle fibers, the stored energy source glycogen. As a result, the body is not only recovering, but also ready for a new, more severe physical stress.

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