How to learn to swim. Why it is useful swimming. Swimming for weight loss. Techniques and styles of swimming

To learn how to swim is helpful. The benefits of swimming for health. The main styles of swimming.

Swimming is the ability to move on water and under water due to the movements of his own body. The ability to swim has the most living organisms on the planet, including man. However, unlike walking and running in humans have not developed the automatic ability to swim. As in cats, dogs or even more aquatic animals. Swimming requires the formation of a complex motor reflexes . In this respect, this physical activity like riding a bike, rollerblading, running on jumpers, etc. to Teach swimming

and can infants and especially adults. During swimming training activated by a bark of the big hemispheres of a brain.

And once a person learns to swim, the information enters the cerebellum (ibid stores information about how to ride a bike, skate, etc.). To remove this knowledge from the cerebellum is almost impossible, that’s why if you have a child learned to swim and ride a bike, even after ten years you will still be able to. There are many styles and techniques of swimming . each of which develops a specific group of muscles. Each style in its unique and healthy, and everyone is free to choose for themselves the most appropriate technique of swimming. However, professional swimmers must be fluent in all styles of movement through the water.

What good carry unique properties swimming.

Before talking about the types of navigation, will tell you that gives the body swimming in General.

Swimming use.

The main benefit of swimming is, of course, incredibly developed lungs. Swimmers are the Champions in promoting “dykhalka”. In this field they bypass even the runners-marathoners and other athletes. What is the reason? I have run a very active and deep breathing.

The secret is that the water exerts additional pressure on the respiratory system when you breathe out under water. This pressure is more significant than that renders the air, because water has a higher viscosity.

Another useful point from swimming in the water any movement requires more effort, it takes more energy to break down more molecules of ATP (adenosine triphosphate is the main energy source in the body). Accordingly, the intercostal muscles which are directly involved in breathing, best practice in the water. What swims and runs, I agree that during the voyage to breathe as if a little harder than during the run. Well, do light training on the same principle as all other aerobic exercise: physical activity requires a lot of oxygen, therefore, the alveoli are stretched. All swimmers impressive VC (vital capacity of lungs) .

The second paragraph of the benefit from swimming is also associated with the viscosity of water. Swimming tones up the muscles due to this factor. Water provides constant resistance, which is not on land. However there is a paradox. Water and simultaneously softens the load. Therefore, training on land uses fewer muscles, but the amplitude reductions above and in the water works almost all the muscles, but the amplitude reduction is somewhat lower. So if you want to pump up the triceps, or run fine standard 3 miles, do push-UPS and run, and not just to swim. Swimming in this case can be used to Supplement, important though. This is to ensure that universal training does not happen. Due to constant muscle tone and large VC increased physical endurance.

Third plus swim – swimming is a very effective way to lose weight. Right here in addition to physical exercise is added to the low (relative to body) water temperature. So, in water whose temperature is +25 degrees Celsius, the average person can be about two hours, and then begin hypothermia. Limit the time spent in the water this temperature for six hours. The body begins to spend more energy on heating. First start to “burn” carbohydrates, and soon the fat. They go to an increased synthesis of ATP (which then is cleaved), or directly oxidized.

Features of the main styles of swimming.

Now a little about the styles of swimming. The most basic of them – the front crawl, breaststroke and butterfly (Dolphin). Crawl to sail as possible on the chest and on the back. The most popular style of swimming is a crawl on a breast. Probably because he represents the perfect combination of speed and power consumption.

Technique of swimming crawl .

Technique of swimming crawl: hands are made circular or ellipsoidal movement along the body, palms straight or slightly bent in the form of a ladle, the legs move antagonistically breath is done by turning the head to the side, exhale during the reverse rotation of the head, face at this time is under water. Crawl well coached latissimus dorsi, triceps, abdominal muscles, thigh muscles. About intercostal muscles already mentioned.

Swimming technique breaststroke.

Brass is a slower style . but it best protects the power. Hands during the breaststroke move simultaneously (unlike crawl, where the hands and feet are alternated). Starting position – hands pressed against the diaphragm, palms up, as if asking alms). The hands are then rapidly brought forward, turn the palm down, with the power bred in hand, bending your elbow (90-degree angle), and then returned to its original position. The legs also work synchronously. Feet splayed, legs slightly bent. They need to straighten at a time when the hands are brought forward, and bend when planted in the palm of the hand and bend of the arm. To better understand how to work his legs in the breaststroke, let’s see how frog swims. Brass develops primarily the muscles of the legs. In addition, it makes them more flexible.

the technique of breaststroke swimming photo

Swimming technique butterfly (Dolphin) .

Butterfly is the most difficult style . He’s the only one where the speed does not depend on muscle strength and perfection of technique. The legs joined together and move up and down like a fish fin. Hands also need to move synchronously. The initial position of the hand – straightened and lie on the water. Then start moving his hands down, palms face down. This movement and provide thrust.

Circular motion bring your hands behind your back, palms up, and make a new stroke. At this point, the swimmer is lifted above the water, so at this time and need to breathe. Exhale under water. This is the most energy-consuming, the most exhausting style of swimming. He clearly trains the muscles of the arms, the abdominal muscles and back. For speed, he is a little inferior to crawl.

how to swim butterfly photo

Stands out scuba diving, but that’s a topic for another article. You can only say that scuba diving requires exceptional light, normal pressure and strong nerves. If this is all you have, then you have to only buy the proper equipment. For snorkeling, you need at least swimming goggles.

How to learn to swim.

Now you know a lot about the benefits of swimming. Have only to raise my gorgeous ass off the couch and join the pool or school, where an experienced trainer will teach you to swim by any of the above styles. It seems so little huh? Well, what are your thoughts to God b in the ears.

Act – and soon all the beneficial properties of water treatment will be working on your body. To make it even younger, stronger and more beautiful.

Remember – know about the benefits of something little! Need to implement my knowledge, only in this case you will get the result. Good luck to you, you can overcome your laziness, we believe in you!

For those who have no ability to learn from the swimming coach, the famous SPEEDO firm that sells equipment for swimming, have prepared a tutorial with swimming technique. After studying them, you will be able to learn how to swim any style, without the help of trainers.

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