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Breathing exercises for parents and kids

Anyone who has ever became mom and dad knows how hard it is to make so that the child was not sick with colds that little man prevail without end. And glued to his fragile immune system. What to do in this situation?

Option a) run to the doctor, b) to resort to old recipes, to exercise and to harden. On the latter option in greater detail.

When a person breathes through the mouth, the oral mucosa dries out

quickly, often getting thirsty. Moreover, infections are easier to get into the larynx, trachea and bronchi. In General, learn to breathe correctly with the child to be healthy. Below fun exercises will teach you how to breathe correctly.

1. Big and small

Standing up straight, inhaling a child climbs on toes, reaches up his hands and shows how big it is. Fix this position for a few seconds. On the exhale, the child must give up down, then sit down, clasping his knees and simultaneously saying “u-x” to hide the head behind the knees – to prove that he is small.

2. Locomotive

To walk around the room, mimicking the bent arms of the movement of the wheels of the locomotive, saying “Choo-Choo” and changing the speed, volume and frequency of pronunciation.

3. Geese fly

Slowly and smoothly move around the room, waving his hands like geese. Hands-wings on the inhale lift, exhale to lower, saying “g-u-u” (8-10 times).

4. Stork

Standing straight, raise arms to the side, and one leg, bending at the knee, bring forth. To fix the position for a few seconds. To keep the balance. On the exhale, lower the leg and hands, silently saying “sh-sh-sh-sh” (6–7 times).

5. Woodman

Stand straight, feet slightly wider than shoulders. Inspiratory folded hands the hatchet and raise up. Abruptly, as if under the weight of the axe, the outstretched arms on the exhale to lower down the body to tilt, allowing the hands to put the space between the legs. To say “b-a-h” (6–RAS).

6. Mill

Standing with feet together, hands in the air. Slowly rotating straight arms, uttering at the expiration “f-R-R”. When motions are accelerated, the sounds become louder (7–RAS).

7. Skater

Feet shoulder width apart, arms in a lock behind his back, the body is tilted forward. Imitating the movements of the skater to bend then left, then right leg, saying “K-R-R” (5-6 times)

8. Angry hedgehog

Standing, feet shoulder width apart. Imagine how the hedgehog in times of danger rolled into a ball. Bend as low as possible without lifting your heels from the floor, clutching chest, head lowered, saying on the exhale “p-f-R”- the sound of an angry hedgehog, then f-R-R”(3–5times)- and this is a happy hedgehog.

9. Frog

Standing with feet together. Imagine how the frog quickly and jumps sharply, saying, landing “to-to-Ah-to”, and repeat it jumps: crouching slightly, breathing in, to make a leap forward. After landing, “Kwakiutl”.

10. In the forest

Imagine that you are lost in a dense forest. Making the inhale, on the exhale say “a-u”. To change the tone and volume and turn left, then right.

11. Merry bee

On the exhale say “W-W-W”. To imagine that one bee sat down on the nose (the sound and the look to direct-to-nose, hand, foot. Thus, the child learns to focus attention on a certain area of the body.

12. The giant and the dwarf

Sit on the floor, folded, feet in front of him one foot. Put your hands on the inner side of the knees pressed to the floor. Breath – to get a deep breath, shoulders back, head proudly lift up, exhale down, pull over the head to the feet.

With these interesting exercises not only your child will be in a good mood, but you will smile the smile of health. Be healthy!

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