Physical activity beremennosti

Pregnant women are often advised to protect yourself from sports and other physical activities for all 9 months. Whether pregnant women and expectant mothers should limit mobility and physical activity?

Do we need physical activity to a pregnant woman

If there are no complications of the pregnant woman, moderate exercise and exercise even useful. This helps to maintain and strengthen the muscles and improve the blood circulation in the organs, and, most important, — in

the abdominal area, keeping the baby oxygen.

Special exercises train the muscles of the perineum and contribute to the development of proper breathing techniques in childbirth. In the process of training is the tensing and relaxing of specific muscle groups, which is useful for cervical dilatation and delivery. Physical activity will reduce possible complications in childbirth, will help in the future to come faster in the former form.

Program of special exercises help pregnant women prepare their bodies for childbirth. To facilitate the process of childbirth, it is advisable to exercise regularly, at least to do gymnastics. For example, exercises for pregnant women in the office. But permission for such load does not mean that the pregnant woman can dig potatoes in the garden or carry huge bags from the store.

Physical activity during pregnancy and health problems

If a pregnant discovered problems with metabolism, thyroid disease, vascular disease and heart, problems with the spine and weight, its activity is limited. Still, the woman must deal with on a delicate programme – in procedures are strictly selected exercises based on fitness before pregnancy and the health status of women.

The classes usually give the doctors – a General practitioner and obstetrician. Recommended walking, therapeutic exercises, aerobics in the water, swimming under the supervision of an instructor. Before training and after it is desirable to measure the heart rate and blood pressure, it is also necessary to monitor the health and listening to your body.

But to go to extremes and all 9 months of spending time on the couch or at the computer is not worth it. It will benefit neither you nor the baby. But, believing that the pregnancy — not a disease, raft the rivers, climb the mountains and to make repairs, carrying building materials, not worth it.

THIS IS IMPORTANT! What you should know

In preparing the program loads it is necessary to consider the list of factors important for inclusion in a certain set of exercises at different stages of pregnancy. During any, even the most prosperous of pregnancy is strictly contraindicated load, which involve shaking belly and body, lifting more than 4 kg, vibration exposure, as high risk for injuries and falls.

Strictly prohibited sports such as diving, horseback riding, wrestling, skating and skiing, team games. Professional athletes should review the load and workout. During intense workouts with high intensity the body is experiencing hypoxia, resulting in suffering of the fetus, and this is already leading to delays in its development, premature birth and possibly miscarriage.

To sharply limit physical activity during pregnancy . until a complete ban on them, only if:

• hormonal disorders with a probability of miscarriage;

• anomalies of the genital organs and structure of the uterus;

• spotting spotting;

• isthmic-cervical insufficiency;

• the threat of termination of pregnancy;

• premature birth and their threats previously experienced miscarriage;

• placenta previa;

• a large amount of amniotic fluid and other abnormalities that will celebrate the doctor.

In these cases, the midwife usually takes the decision on the conclusion of the pregnant woman to the hospital for safekeeping. No need to be a hero and assume that the doctor is reinsured – load, which you may seem trifling, may be seen in the outcome of the pregnancy.

But if there are no threats, discuss with your doctor the possible exercise program. In the first trimester, the activity should be low, this may be gymnastics, fitness and swimming.

In the period 13-15 weeks pregnant can do fitness, yoga or swimming, you can walk and to attend special courses for pregnant women, they often do the elements of gymnastics. Stretching exercises, relaxation and breathing will help you not only to keep the body in shape, improve tissue nutrition and reduce swelling, but will also facilitate childbirth.

Yoga for pregnant women will help to develop suppleness and flexibility of muscles, strengthen back muscles and abdomen, during pregnancy play a large role. There is also a special program associated with workouts in the water, they are not less useful for physical preparation for childbirth.

Features of training during pregnancy

Classes for body use and maintain the tone should be performed regularly, at least 2 times a week, only then it will support health. And episodic or one-time classes will result in more stress than benefit. The duration and intensity of training are determined jointly by the doctor and trainer and change accordingly.

Training should be carried out after meals, after 1-2 hours, while they must be taken not to overheat, not to overwork, to replenish the shortage of oxygen in the room and fluid in the body.

Classes should bring the expectant mother pleasure, not to bore her, and to contribute to its desire to engage again and again. Then it will benefit the mother and the unborn baby.

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