Preparing dogs for competition

Training and practical exercises to perfection, of course, important, but not enough. Without special training dogs for competition, you may get a dog that “knows” that she is in the ring and changes its behavior. This happened to my first dog, which I played at a high level. It worked fine in the first event, but gradually it became half as well as in training. And when I finally realized that we were in trouble, it was too difficult to handle.

Now training dogs to work on the competition is a large part of our training. There are different aspects of the competition, which can work separately. Most of them can be practiced with a puppy or young dog. Here are some things that you need to work out before the competition:

Prepare your dog for long work without encouragement. The biggest difference between training and competition is usually thatwe are much more likely to encourage a dog in training. It makes our dogs are smart, understanding the difference between “in the ring” and “beyond the ring”. Put longer cords without the promotion (the promotion definitely, but — in the end), instead of encouraging each exercise. My goal is to get the dog worked 50% longer without encouraging than it will take in the competition, before I begin to speak with her. Ligaments like the idea you can start to work as soon as the puppy will learn several different actions. Instead of encouraging each executed according to the action command, you can ask the puppy to lie down after landing nearby, and then only to encourage. When the puppy will get used to it, you can start to make longer combinations of activities. I would say that this is the most important in the preparation for competitions. If you are good it will work, most likely you will not have to worry that the dog will get worse in the ring.

Don’t head out as if it were a competition. Work out similar to the competition, in a new place, with new dogs around. Let the people show the judge and stewards. This is the best option, but I also really helped add one or two of these elements in practice. I can be at home, but mark a ring and ask someone new to show me where to enter it. Or I can come to a new place and make a “rough” training with our normal group. All this helps!

A common mistake is that these “estimates” are boring for dogs. When we do the workout in such a mode, we want to complicate the task and see what she will do. We encourage less often than usual, and add too many difficult tasks — all at the same time. Such training also harmful for a future career as a speech with untrained dog in the competition. You can teach your dog the difference in the ring-the ring” even before the first competition. Do simple exercises that work well your dog. Let the promotion will be really super. It is very important that the dog begins to love the competition. Very complex tasks can be left for practicing at home. Of course, you will be doing complex things on “trials”, but only when the dog will perform them in a more complicated form of the house.

A lot to go near the ring and between exercises. Many run only exercises but not doing anything to prepare your dog for competition. In competition you need to enter the ring at the command of “next” and keep the dog close between exercises. Improvement of entrance to the ring is important for many reasons. I’d be very nervous if my dog wasn’t near me at the time of entrance into the ring, and my dog is unlikely to be well-performed exercises, if for her the competition started with the fact that she never did. This is also your chance to give the judges a good impression about you. So put the entrance to the ring and the movement between uprajneniya. Not always encourage your dog after exercise, sometimes first, walk around with it some more next before encouraged.

Put all distractions. Make a list of everything that can happen in competition, and practise it: clumsy steward, the dumbbell just under the barrier, cones at your feet while moving around, the speakers, the people, loud and aggressive commanders of my dogs food on the ground, sick bitches close are you to judge while driving around, etc.

Train more than required in the rules. Few will speak at the event as well as in training. Your dog should do a bit more than you will do in the ring. Distances more tasks are harder, stronger distraction. This will allow you to perform worse than in training, but everything to be perfect in the ring. And the dog would take the competition a simple and interesting.

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