To lose weight fast interval training – interval method of training, high-intensity

Question “how to train to clean up here” asked daily fitness instructors millions of people around the world. In response, it is customary to advise a regular Jogging, slow Cycling, monotonous skipping and other aerobic exercise. Importantly, say the instructors, to control the heart rate (HR): optimum for fat burning is considered the pulse of 60–80% of your individual maximum, which is calculated by the

formula: 220 minus your age (for women) and 205 minus 1/2 age (for men).

For example, if I want to lose weight, I must ensure that my working heart rate during exercise was about 130 beats per minute. In this mode, you can (and should) be doing about two hours to achieve demonstrable results. The problem is that neitherI nor most people those two hours a day no.

What is the “interval training?”

Interval training is a method that helps to maximize effectiveness and reduce training time, was borrowed by fitness from professional sports. This interval training — when running, jumping, squats, push UPS and any other high intensity exercise interspersed with short rest. Last such classes to a maximum of half an hour, but that half hour a person remembers for a long time.

Interval training — it’s not so nice, as Seth on the elliptical trainer in front of the TV. To work here you have to wear, because high intensity — this, for example, 25 sit-UPS in thirty seconds, then ten seconds of rest, then squats again, and again rest. And so 5 minutes–10!

Who does interval training?

In the schedule of fitness clubs and interval training classes are marked as advanced level of difficulty. Go to these lessons fitness fans, thrill seekers. To stand out in the gym forces from painful and unpleasant, but not fat just burns and burns with a blue flame. “here is a simple example: one taught English for two years, another two months, but the result of knowledge have the same one, — explains the instructor of the TV channel “LIVE!” Leonid Zaitsev, — Just one passed the basic course and the other — intense. In fitness the same thing: you can lose weight year, shedding sweat on the cardio machines and you can lose weight in one month, doing exercises of high intensity”.

What happens at the speed of 25 sit-UPS in 30 seconds?

Our muscles are composed of slow and fast fibers. Slow responsible for overall endurance, fast — for the ability to rapidly develop speed or lift a lot of weight. Why do sprinters 70–90% of muscle tissue is composed of fast fibers and the marathon 70–90% — from slow. Exercising on an interval method, one uses the muscles of both species.

The calculation of the pulse in interval training is about the same as in aerobics — from 75% to 85% max. Allowed up to 95%, but only in the presence of a coach who will provide first aid. “This is kind of extreme, ” explains the fitness Manager of the club “World Class Romanov Vasily Kozyrev. — For daily exercise it is not suitable. Two to three workouts per week — this is the maximum”.

What is interval training more effective?

There are many types of interval training. And although the principle is the same — high-intensity training alternated with brief periods of rest, — some of them deserve special attention.

1. Method Of Valdemar Hershler

Hershler — the founder of interval training. the “Uniform running — it’s a waste of forces, — believed Waldemar Hershler. — interval training allows you to achieve the same results in six weeks that training is a common method for 12”. In 1939 entrusted to his care athlete Rudolf Harbig set a world record in the 800 m, breaking the distance in 1 minute 46 seconds.

Where to start: you need to know your best time at distances of 100, 200 and 600 m. To run a sprint for 3 seconds slower than his record, then within two minutes to catch my breath. The pulse should be reduced to a minimum of 120 beats. Then run another 100 meters, again to relax and count the pulse. The session ends when the pulse ceases to recover in the allotted 2 minutes.

Time: individually, but not more than half an hour

The name translated from Swedish means “the game”. For one run, we need to change the intensity of the movement: at the start to reach a cruising speed, and then run a mile or two at a leisurely pace. Officially fartlek was introduced in the preparatory program of the Olympic national team of Sweden in the mid 50-ies, and later it was adopted by the marine corps of the United States.

How to start: to persuade someone of your friends to train together. First perform a warm-up ” 5–10 minutes easy running, then a bit to accelerate and run 1–2 km, then go to quick step and breath. This “game” — it’s a running race. On a straight road, up the hill (170–200 m), in conclusion — walking.

Time: 20 minutes

3. The TABATA method (“TABATA Protocol”)

In 1996, Dr. Izumi TABATA from the National Institute of fitness and sports in Kanoya (Japan) conducted a study, the result of which was planned down to the second four-minute workout. If you believe the TABATA method allows to burn nine times more fat than regular Jogging. It helps to watch the video . to understand that otherwise could not be.

Where to start: you need to buy a stopwatch (or configure it in your mobile phone) and choose any exercise — the twist of the abdominals, push-UPS, squats, etc. To run it at high speed, having to repeat 20–25 times for 20 seconds then 10 seconds rest. Repeat alternating sets of eight times.

Time: 4 minutes

Author’s program instructor “LIVE!” Leonid Zaitsev, combining in one lesson stretching exercises from Pilates, strength anaerobic training method “Isoton”, breathing practices of fitness yoga and heavy traffic from the fit box. « «Fit-mix” is interval training in pure form — Zaitsev explains. — And the most efficient from the point of view of weight loss workout — this is a job where alternate high-intensity loads and rest periods”. However, according to Leonid, the intervals at everyone, because it is so important and coaching, defining individual rhythm sessions for each participant. “Fit MIX” — is a complex of 12 lessons (three sessions per week). The channel “LIVE!” four-week reality show instantly became a hit of the season: it already twice repeated, and soon I plan to do a sequel.

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